How We Create Solutions

Our App Development Process Outline

One of the most frequent questions we are asked relates to the process of creating an App.  The steps that we have listed below provide a brief overview of the processes involved to turn your idea, into reality.

1. Contact us  and provide us with a summary of your idea.  Alternatively you may choose to complete the Project Brief below.  Once we receive your inquiry we will conduct some initial research.

2. We will then respond via email or phone to introduce ourselves and to briefly discuss your project. We will provide you with our initial thoughts and address key elements in the development of Apps.

3. In order for us to provide a quotation we require a detailed project brief from you. This initial document should contain as much information as possible about your proposed App, so that our Team of Developers can create a product that meets  your expectations. Pictures help! You can attach a document at the bottom of the form.

4. Once we have the project brief, we can then deliver you an estimate on the cost and time frame to develop your app. When all parties are in agreement, a deposit is paid and work begins on your App. We will keep you updated at all stages of development. Once the App is functional, a copy is made available for evaluation and testing. The final stage is the launch &  distribution of your app to iTunes and the Android Market.

Project Development and Quality Assurance Procedure

Detailed  Overview

The following procedures detail how Smarter Apps maximises the quality of our deliverables, for you to achieve the best possible outcome from the use of our services.

Project Development Procedure

1. Project Scope / Estimate

Developing a project scope is the first step in providing you with an accurate quote for your application. During the development of the project scope document a number of things will be discovered; the features and functions that are needed, the target audience for the application, technical requirements and capabilities, any market drivers or conditions, estimated time-frames and costs. An initial wireframe may be developed which outlines the planned workflow. If needed, a more detailed wireframe will be developed after initiating development. There is an initial cost to scope the application for you which varies based on the complexity of the application. Generally the scope is developed after extended conversations with you over a two week period. Deliverable: Scope Document and Quote.

2. Wireframe

The project scope is explored in more detail. As most Apps are GUI intensive, the state transition view of the system, to model behavior, is normally the dominant perspective. At this stage, in collaboration with the client, we prepare a detailed state transition document, in the form of a wireframe GUI mock-up. The wireframe is used to explore any remaining ambiguities in the scope, to discover any missing functionality, and to help the client visualize the intended implementation of their use cases. Deliverable: Wireframe Document

3. Development

The wireframe is developed into an app. This stage of the process is highly interactive; the client is contacted at regular intervals to discuss progress, and to evaluate look and feel issues. Screenshots, short videos, and device simulators are used to help users preview how their apps will look and feel. SmarterApps mandates the use of advanced techniques, where appropriate, such as test driven development, to minimize the risk of defects. We seek to make this stage as agile, interactive and client focused as possible, to maximize the opportunity for clients to participate in the development stage. Deliverable: App (Release Candidate)

4. Acceptance Testing / User Acceptance

Early in the development process, we provide clients with assistance, if required, with setting up emulators, and advice and guidance on how to deploy development builds to physical handsets and tablets. Clients are invited to interact with development builds, to maximize their immersion into the development process. This process continues until the app is ready for deployment.
Deliverable: App (Ready for Deployment)

5. Deployment

There are two options with regard to deployment – we either deploy the app, on behalf of our client, when instructed to do so, or we provide technical assistance so our clients can deploy their own apps. Either way, apps are always deployed using a client app store account, which we help our clients to set up. You, our client, have full control over the availability and deployment of your own apps.
Deliverable: App (Deployed and Available to End Users)

Requirements Changes

With any development project, there is always a possibility of new requirements, or changes to requirements, at any stage in the delivery process. SmarterApps maintains a high level of dialogue with clients, maximizing the opportunity for early discovery of requirements changes. Where possible, changes are accommodated within the existing budget, or any additional expenses associated with specification or scope changes are communicated to clients as early as possible.

Procedure for Integrating with Client Procedures

Where possible, Smarter Apps works seamlessly with existing client IT infrastructure and teams. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. In cases where clients have existing procedures, and project management infrastructure, SmarterApps seek to work within these frameworks, to maximize client visibility of all aspects of the service we provide.

Source Control

Smarter Apps uses industry standard source control software, to minimize the risk of lost source code, and to manage versioning and concurrent access during the development phase.


SmarterApps is always open to customer suggestions as to how we can improve our process, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our goal is to be the company you think of first, for your next App project. 

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