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Are you looking to innovate and develop an application for the medical or health industry? We have developed a broad range of medical apps including wearable solutions, navigation and communication apps. Apps that track and store health data and medical administration applications.  There are still many opportunities to address pain points using technology in the health sector, connected devices (iOT) is a massive growth area with solid commercial potential. 

What We do

Our engineering team has experience developing solutions for the medical space. Typically clients approach us with their idea or concept and we advise on feasibility and potential development costs and have a discussion around the opportunity in general and the objectives.  If the opportunity holds up to the initial scrutiny then we move forward with discovery, prototyping and development. 

Connected Health Industry Solutions

Connecting medical and health “devices” using bluetooth technology and wifi is a growth area that we are very familiar with. We have developed bespoke wearable technology and hospital navigation solutions using ibeacons. Developing connected iOT solutions has become a specialty of ours and we have the capacity to deliver end to end hardware and software solutions that include prototyping and design right though to production and commercialisation. 

Technology We Use

For the majority of our development projects we work with established and trusted platforms. For mobile development we work with native toolkits for  iOS and Android code, we also have the capability to develop solutions using cross platform technology such as React and Google’s popular platform “Flutter”.  The majority of our cloud / server work is hosted on Amazon. 

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