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Need An Uber Or Lyft Clone Built?

The market for niche Ride Sharing applications is full of opportunites for creative thinkers. We can help you with your own Uber style applications built to your own specifications for you own specific niche or market. There are many examples of uber style spin offs that have achieved great results in new and untapped markets. 

Rideshare Startups In The News

Take a look at some of the funding in play! If you start to do your research you will find a healthy number of targeted and niched Uber inspired start ups making big waves. It all starts with an idea and the drive to make a start, our part in your journey is the help design, develop and support the technology.


Rideshare Market Trends

The global ridesharing market was valued at USD 73.07 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow and reach USD 209.60 billion 2026 and register a CAGR of 19.2% over the forecast period (2021-2026). The massive increase in demand for cost-saving and efficient time-saving transport will drive the market growth. The increasing cost of vehicle ownership, the need for reducing  global traffic for environmental reasons, and new government regulations promoting ridesharing options are some of the predominant factors driving the adoption of ridesharing services and technology across the world.

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How Much Does An Uber / Lyft App Cost To Develop?

Developing rock solid and reliable apps to service clients is not trivial, there is a lot of work involved in design and planning and evaluating the business case. Uber and Lyft might look simple enough for the end user but they have both spent millions of dollars in development to bring these applications to market and to maintain them. A team of developers work full time maintaining and improving their technology. To build a first release candidate you would expect to invest-many 10’s of thousands of dollars and budget for a significant ongoing maintenance, security and innovation. 

Rideshare Development Technology Choices

For a lot of the development work we do our first choice of technology is native iOS and Android using Amazon to host the web services, more often than not using PHP / MySQL for the backend database and admin side of the project. We also develop using Flutter and React native if the circumstances make sense, cross platform development is sometimes the best option. 

Real World Examples


A Chinese ridesharing app specialising in commutes, launched in Melbourne in June 2018 and quickly expanded to other cities in Australia.


The newest ride share company on the scene is Scooti. The company offers rides as a motorbike passenger and claims to be quick, cost-effective and carbon-neutral.


Ola, India’s most popular rideshare service, entered the Australian market in early 2018 and has been growing rapidly ever since.


Book a rideshare, taxi or taxi van within minutes using the GoCatch app, and you can even earn Qantas points for your ride.


The only all-woman rideshare company, Shebah strives to offer safe and secure rides for women women.


HOP is an Aussie startup similar to Uber that uses Hertz rental cars.

Rideshare Tesla, Ford & Google

When the big players jump into something that is all the market validation you should need. Take a look at the names on this chart and the shift towards autonomous transport and rideshare technology, this space is an exciting growth opportunity that ticks a lot of boxes. 

Rideshare growth

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