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Opportunities In Online Dating

We build social media and dating platforms from design to deployment, we offer our clients a full end to end service. If you want to build the next tindertiktok or a clone of Twitter we have over 2 decades of development expertise in the social media and dating space that pre dates the mobile app revolution. 

Online Dating Quick Facts

• Online dating platforms aren’t going away  — their popularity is very much on the rise, with 1000’s of new users registering every day. 
• The  vast majority of online daters feel that it’s “somewhat easy” to find compatible partners. 
• Dating app revenue remains very high and was $5.61 billion in 2021, even though Tinder — the most popular app — offers a free service.
• Tinder is still the go-to dating platform nowadays, but it has strong competition in rivals like Bumble and Hinge. 

Social Media Apps

Social media apps differ from dating apps in a number of ways, often they have a longer list of features and take longer to test and develop. This is of course a case case scenario, building a robust social media application is not trivial and requires expert planning and a highly skilled team of designers and developers

Online Dating - 20 Years Of Experience & Counting

We have been working with some of the biggest online dating companies in the world for more than 20 years. Our experience tracks all the way back to RSVP and the Aussie matchmaker network, we have a very good handle of what it takes to put together a successful dating application and what it takes to maintain and support large applications. 

Development Process

Social Media & Dating App Development & Delivery Process Has Been Refined Over More Than A Decade: This is a quick high level outline of how we work with our clients. 

  • Typically our clients make contact using the contact form on the website and we give them a call to have a conversation about the idea. Questions are answered such as “is my idea a good one?” 
  • As part of the initial stage of discovery we may need to complete a non disclosure agreement.
  • If the idea is sound (some ideas are way better than others) we engage in further discovery and ask the client to provide us with a written scope of works, this can be simple or complex but we are good at filling in the blanks. 
  • At this point we reach a fork in the road, sometimes we have enough data to produce an estimate for development while in other cases we may opt to develop a prototype of the app to align expectations and deliverables on both sides. 
  • The next stage is a formal cost estimation 
  • Quote acceptance 
  • Application development & testing – staged typically in milestones and progress payments.
  • Appstore & Google Play Submission
  • Marketplace deployment

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