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Smarterapps is a leading mobile app and  iOT application development company in Australia In the not so distant future , “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.”  Why?  There are countless examples of what this might look like in the home and the workplace from manufacturing, retail, logistics, aviation and medical just to name a few examples. The potential for innovation and automation is almost endless, the iOT is just getting started.

Smarterapps can help bring your iOT project from concept, design, development and testing through to product launch. We offer a full end to end hardware and software development service that includes design, prototyping and testing. Use the contact form and contact us today to discuss your idea.

  • Recent iOT Projects

Smarterapps developed hardware and cloud based software to measure, track  and report critical data during the manufacturing process for one of the world largest producers in the food industry. You can  read about system here 

  • Medical iOT Project

Smarterapps has recently been involved in developing iOT monitoring and reporting solutions for the health and medical industry

  • iBeacon iOT Project

iBeacon mapping, navigation and user tracking project. 

We are also involved in projects that deliver custom home automation solutions and innovation in the transport sector. 


We Design And Manufacture PCB's In House

Where is IoT being used?

A real world example of IoT use is  in the “smart homes”, space which use a variety of connected devices —  things like thermostats, lights, home media, and home security devices — these things make our home life easier and more comfortable and save energy. one example, the humble garage door opener could be linked to any number of in the home devices,  subsequently alerting them to your return. the knock on effect activates your lights and the thermostat might turn on before you walk inside and your home coffee maker can brew up  a coffee right when you need it the most. 

Voice control is getting better and better. New voice activated technology in smart homes  helps users with sight and mobility limitations to navigate their surroundings,  alert systems can be linked to implanted devices like cochlear implants worn hearing-impaired users as one example. This is just the tip of the iceberg and one example of many, the “iOT” will touch many aspects of our lives and is already having a huge impact on the way we live. 

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