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What You Can Learn From this Android File Manager

If you are or want to be a mobile app developer, you can learn a lot from a new Android app called App Directory. App Directory is available free for a 14-day trial, after which it costs $2.69. There are a lot of file managers on Android, so why does App Directory stand out? First […]

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Dumbest Game App Ever? Don’t Make This Mistake!

App creation is all about learning what is done right and emulating it. But sometimes, an app goes so incredibly wrong that we need to use it as an example of what not to do. The “award” for dumbest game app ever goes to: Survival Island 3: Australian Story 3D. The idea of this game […]

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Three Models for Distributing Apps to Your Employees

Enterprise app development doesn’t get the publicity of consumer apps but is an important part of many businesses. If you have an enterprise app for your business, you may have a better way to distribute it here. Here are three models. Enterprise App Store If your business has a lot of different apps, an app […]

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Android Pay Coming to Australia: What it Means to You

If Android app development is your field of expertise, you have just been handed a great opportunity. Android Pay is officially coming to Australia. Android Pay has been in the US up to now, but is expanding internationally. Australia is the first “international market” to receive the app. How Android Pay Works Android Pay allows […]

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5 Apps that can Drive Parents Nuts

If you want to be an app development professional, you should make it a point to start looking at every user and every app on the market as a potential source of problems that you can solve. Here are five apps that are great for adults, but can place children in danger if not monitored […]

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Techniques for Making Your App Go Viral

One of your top goals of iOS or Android app development should always be to make the app go viral. We would like to share with you some ways of doing this. What Do We Mean by “Go Viral”? When an mobile app goes viral, it is beautiful for the mobile app developer. People share […]

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Keeping Your Mobile App on Budget and on Time

There are two basic problems that can plague every mobile app developer: money and time. It is important to have sufficient funding to create a product and it is important to get a working model to the marketplace as soon as possible. Here is an easy way to do both. The Crucial Factor for Mobile […]

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Maximise Your App’s Exposure with the Help of Bloggers

If you are a mobile app developer who is using social media to promote your app, you are off to a good start. Facebook, for example, can provide laser-accurate targeting and promote your app to the demographics who are the most likely to use it. But you need more than that to maximise exposure and […]

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Tips for Updating Your Mobile App

If you are a mobile app developer who already has a successful app, you may or may not know the importance of updating it on a regular basis to engage your users. Every update you make shows your customers, App Store and/or Google Play, that you are committed to keeping your product relevant and current. […]

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This Game had 7.2 Million Downloads in its First 60 Days: What it Means to You.

We have often stated that app creation and development work best when you solve a problem that a lot of people have. However, if you have a knack for games, they have the potential to be multi-million dollar enterprises. Gaming is said by many to be in its “Golden Age.” We don’t necessarily agree, but […]

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