How Much Do Apps Cost To Make?

Its a fair question that is difficult to answer…

The most common question we are asked is this – how much does it cost to develop an app?  The answer is never straight forward because each development project is going to vary. The next question that is hardly if ever asked is how much do apps cost to keep and maintain? Ongoing development to keep your app up to date is a given, plus hosting costs which can include security updates, server updates and then you have to consider client support and what that story might look like. 

We charge for development work on a project project basis, in order to quote a price we need to know exactly what it is you’re asking us to build, if you don’t have your own project brief you can complete our form and submit it to us online.

A common misconception is that apps that can be downloaded for free or .99 cents on the app store must have been cheap to produce.  While this can be the case more often than not tens of thousands of dollars have been invested in design and development. App downloads are often priced low because investors are calculating returns that are based on huge sales volumes that are attainable when you reach the global audience via iTunes and the Android markets.

On the low end a cheap app may cost a few thousand dollars to design & develop while at the other end of the scale more sophisticated apps connected to large data servers may cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. Experienced operators know and understand that a quality app is needed  to get traction and the big returns in the highly competitive marketplace, quality comes at a price. Evernote stands tall as an example of a simple high quality app and concept that generates about $45 million in revenue per year.

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