Why Australia’s App Economy is Healthier than those in the US and UK

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When it comes to app creation and development, guess who has the healthiest economy? We do. So, why are we the best? What makes us so much better than the US and UK when it comes to app creation and development?

By the Numbers

Since 2008, which is one year after the first smartphone hit the market, Australia has seen a rise of 38% in app economy jobs, currently sitting at more than 140,000. The US rose 22%, while the UK is lagging far behind with only a 10% rise. That 140,000 represents 9.4% of all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) jobs in Australia.

By state, the top three are NSW with over 77,000 app economy jobs, Victoria with 39,200 and Queensland with 10,000.

Increased Mobile Usage

From June 2012 to June 2013, the number of Australians using mobile devices to connect with the Internet rose 33%. In 2013, mobile broadband was responsible for contributing approximately $34 million to our economy.

App Developers Create Jobs

There are a lot of mobile app developers in Australia. Not only do they count as a “job,” but they create an economy around them. The jobs they create are known as “core app economy jobs.” They include those who maintain, market and develop mobile apps. There are also “indirect” jobs in the app economy, such as the human resource specialists, sales reps, accountants and many other lesser-known positions involving apps.

But Why Us?

A lot of major companies are committed to investing in apps, both for customer interface and for productivity. Both Melbourne and Sydney performed better than major markets such as New York, London and Los Angeles. Only California’s “Silicon Valley” out-performed Melbourne and Sydney.

Most of all, though, it is the Australian people and our spirit of entrepreneurship. In other words, people like you and I.

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