Why Are These Free Apps so Popular

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The most important part of mobile app creation and development is having the right idea. If you have the right idea for an app, you can consistently make money on it. One of our favourite ways to get ideas is to go to Google Play and see what the top apps for the month are. We are going to look at the top twenty free Android apps on Google Play as of 30 January 2015.

Seven of the top twenty apps are produced well-established giants in the industry: Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix and Skype. They have the inherent advantage of being self-promoting to millions of users. But the next eleven are something that you can do if you have the right idea.

Seven of the top twenty are games. One is Candy Crush, which is heavily promoted as a viral Facebook game. One is Big Fish Casino, which provides standard casino games. One is called Trivia Crack. Trivia is always popular, qualifying as an “evergreen” niche. Crossy Road, Subway Surfer, aa and Clash of Clans round out the games lineup.

Snapchat allows users to chat and send pictures with captions back and forth. Unlike regular messaging, the picture disappears from their screen shortly after being sent.

360 Security is a mobile antivirus program.

Super-Bright turns your mobile device into a bright flashlight.

Kik is a social media interactive app that currently boasts 185 million users.

Clean Master is a speed booster.

WhatsApp is a messaging app that works outside of standard data plans.

What they All Have in Common

Every single one of these apps provides either a service or a diversion that people want. Games and social apps are always in demand. People like to play games and they like to socialise over their smartphones.

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