Why Appic is so Popular Amongst Readers and Publishers

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With the world transitioning from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones, the mobile app creation and development world is scrambling to provide products that give a great user experience. Recently, a company called Appic has burst upon the scene, providing a publishing platform that is designed for tablets and smartphones.

Readers who consume content published on the Appic platform prefer it over traditional print a large margin because of how easy it is to read and how attractive it appears on a tablet or smartphone. Publishers really like Appic due to some great features that enhance functionality and make their products look better than traditional web publishing methods can.

Appic Makes Navigation and Reading Easy

Appic makes it easy for publishers to produce products that readers really enjoy. For example, it is feasible to insert video into a publication on Appic; links to webpages are easy to embed and practical for the readers to use. Readers also have the choice of a single or double page view depending on which is more convenient.

In addition, with Appic, you can easily share publications and pages on Facebook and Twitter — most people can share a page in less than 10 seconds! All text is searchable, so you can find particular pages or articles in magazines without any hassle. No matter which operating system is being used, the reader simply double-taps the screen to zoom in and can pinch to zoom in or out.

These features make the reading experience much more interactive and engaging for the reader. There are even many other options that make Appic fun. First of all, it is extremely fast, which is huge for many smartphone users. Pages can be viewed in both portrait or landscape modes; pages can also be previewed and can be quickly changed with page numbers and thumbnails.

What it Means to You

As a mobile app developer, you should be inspired Appic. Appic is a classic example of what anyone on Apple or Android app development should be trying to do with their apps — solve a problem that a lot of people have or create a benefit that a lot of people want.

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