Why 69% of Gamers are Opting Out of Mobile Updates and What You Can Do About It

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According to a piece from Venturebeat.com, 69% of gamers are opting out of push notifications and other mobile updates. The push notification is that most popular method for providing updates to gamers; it simply means that the gamer has opted in for messages. But 69% opt-outs is a terrible number, and it indicates that mobile game creators and developers are doing something severely wrong.

Let’s take a look at the “typical” gamer. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the current average age of gamers is 30 years. Roughly 67% are adults, there are nearly as many women as men. If you are directing your ads to the stereotypical teenaged “geek,” you are sorely miscalculating the market, and you are almost guaranteed to have a high number of opt-outs.

In 2011, gamers spent approximately $24.7 million on games and ancillary equipment. If you are trying to use game apps to increase engagement, you might be on the right track. Another key stat: roughly 60% of gamers opt out of updates because they don’t see them as relevant.

So, this raises the big question: “How do you get gamers to stay subscribed, read your messages, and take action when you make an offer?” The answer is short, but not easy: A/B split testing and measurement.

While the quality of mobile message analytics isn’t nearly as good as that of email, it is still good enough to help you find out what gamers want to hear, and good enough to help you run better numbers the industry average. Analytics that are currently available can link your sales copy to individual results, and can provide you with real-time data. Some of the metrics: pushes sent versus pushes opened, repeat visits, session times, in-app actions, upsells, and shares with social media.

Push notification are seen as the best option, and immersive ads are also good. According to marketing research, 72% of gamers prefer the push notifications and immersive ads to other techniques such as flashing banner ads. Then again, who doesn’t?

Savvy marketers are beginning to create messages that offer value to the reader. This can be in the form of a “bribe,” or some great content that is either useful, funny, or both.

It’s actually quite easy: treat your gamer list like you want to be treated.

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