What to Consider When Designing an App

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If you are thinking of contacting us for iOS or Android mobile app development, we would like to help you get off to a “head start.” Here are three things that you should consider before you talk to us. Preparing in this fashion will make the entire process of app creation go a lot smoother.



What is the Purpose for Your App?

There are three basic categories for apps: business productivity, business promotion and making money off of the app itself.

Productivity App

This kind of app is for your employees to help them do their jobs better. More often than not, this will end up being a cloud-based solution.

Business Promotion App

Every business should have an app that promotes their business and makes it easier for customers to do business with them. This will focus on customer service.

Revenue-Producing App

This could be an app that solves a problem or it could be a game. Your ability to make money will rely solely upon your ability to create an app that is marketable and then market it.

Android App, iPhone App or Both?

We always recommend both, but many people will only be able to start with one app and then create the other later. The rule of thumb is that iOS apps make more money, but we suggest looking at demographics first. There are more Android phones but the demographic generally has less money. Those with iPhones and iPads usually earn more money and spend more money, but there are less users.

You may want to seriously consider whether your business or app is directed more at the Android demographic or the iOS demographic.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

If you want a professional app, hire a professional mobile app developer. By the time you learn how to do it yourself, a professional could have already had your app completed and you could have it operational.

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