What Do Mobile Advertising Statistics Mean to iOS and Android App Developers?

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An end of the year post on Venture Beat published some stats that gave Android and iOS app developers and builders food for thought. A study done at the Pew Center in 2012 showed that 60% of those who use mobile devices use the mobile browser to find most of their news. This is up from 40% in 2011, which means that the percentage increased 50%.

The report also said that, in addition to the 60% who use the browser to find most of their news, 23% do it mostly through apps and 16% use both about the same. In addition, 80% of the biggest ad buyers in the US reported that they intend to spend more money on mobile advertising in the next year and a half.

This information doesn’t sound relevant to Android or iOS app developers, but it is, though only indirectly. When people get their news through a mobile device, it is a great indication that they are getting pretty much everything else related to their Internet experience there, too.

Both iOS and Android game developers, for example, should be encouraged these numbers. That 23% of people who get their news through apps is still a very large number, and indicates that there is a huge market. More and more advertisers will be looking to put their ads where they are relevant, and a lot of those ads are going to go into apps.

If you are looking to make money through advertising in a free app, there will still be a lot of opportunity. Ad networks like Admob have plenty of ads that they will be happy to send to your app. You can also sell your own ads, or sell ad space in your app directly to advertisers, cutting out the ad network.

When it comes to a standard paid app or game that doesn’t have advertising, none of this will have any effect on an app developer. You will still be able to sell your apps or games and make money off of them. Some of you might want to use a hybrid approach, selling an app for $0.99 and using limited advertisements.

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