What Australia’s 81% Growth in Mobile Advertising Means to You

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As the field of mobile app development continues to evolve, intelligent app creation is providing small developers with unprecedented opportunities to make money. Recently, mobile advertising platform InMobi released their annual report. The report, Mobile Insights Report for Australia, is important because InMobi is the largest mobile advertising platform in the world. Basically, as InMobi goes, so goes the mobile advertising industry.

Australian advertising on the InMobi network increased 81% in 2014. The key stat: in-app advertising almost doubled in 2014, increasing 97% to a total of 86.5% of ad impressions.

According to Jon White, who is the GM and Regional Director for InMobi in both Australia and New Zealand, it is consumer behaviour that is producing this pattern of growth, as more and more Australians become more and more dependent on their mobile devices and use them for an ever-growing portion of their daily activities.

The report indicated a 100% increase in advertising on tablets and a 76% increase on smartphones. However, smartphones still account for 67.3% of mobile advertising. According to the report, Australians only spend 10% of their time on the mobile web and 89% on apps.

What it Means to You

For the mobile app developer, there are two main takeaways. First and most important: Australians are spending more time using apps. The second takeaway is that more and more people are using mobile apps as an advertising platform.

Now is a perfect time for developing free apps that make their money on advertising. The medium is obviously successful or it wouldn’t have nearly doubled last year. Remember that when you have advertising in an app, you get paid the impression: not results. There is no pressure on your app to actually sell anything. All you have to do is make it entertaining or useful enough to attract downloaders.

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