Viber App Remains Strong

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Have you heard of Viber or Viber Media? Viber is an app that boasts 200 million registered users, spread over 193 different countries. Its instant messaging app that is designed for personal computers enables users to call other Viber users on mobile phones. They are seen many as a rival for Skype.

Viber also owns popular Asian apps such as Japanese Line, South Korea’s KakaoTalk and China’s WeChat. Viber has development centres in Israel and Belarus and is run Talmon Marco, an Israeli entrepreneur who currently lives in Cyprus. Viber was funded a combination of founders and private investors from Israel and the US.

Recently, Viber was rumoured to be in talks with a “leading instant message company from Asia” for somewhere in the neighbourhood of US$300-US$400 million. Mr Marco denies the rumours, saying he has “no idea what this is about.”

Why We Think This News is Relevant

We find a number of reasons for sharing this news with both iOS and Android app developers. The first reason: there are a lot of people who haven’t heard of this app, but it has over 200 million registered users. There are a lot of apps that you haven’t heard of that have huge numbers of users.

The next important reason for sharing this news is the reported asking price: between US$300 million and US$400 million. That is a lot of money. All for an app that competes with an app that is already successful.

We also think this is good news for app developers because it shows that there is a lot of money to be made in Asia. Contemporary business is done globally and failure to realise that could result in an app developer leaving a lot of money on the table.

The last reason we think this story is noteworthy: funding. Notice that the founders spent some of their own money, but also got a number of investors to provide start-up funds. If you have ever had a great idea but thought that you “don’t have enough money” to invest in actually following through, think again.

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