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In the mobile app development and creation business, we often appear to be obsessive in our desire to try every app on the market. We like to know what separates a great app from the “pack” of mediocre apps. If you use apps yourself, it gives you a better idea of what your app should do. In a best-case scenario, the apps you use yourself will inspire you to provide a similar service for your customers.

Here are some apps that we hope you find both useful and inspirational.

Sunrise: Calendar App

Sunrise ties in very well with Google Calendar. It allows you to schedule meetings and respond to invitations.

Smartr: Contacts Organiser

Smartr organises your contacts and can work in conjunction with Gmail, Google contacts, your Apple address book and most of your social media accounts. It uses artificial intelligence to combine them all into one database. The kicker: Smartr does this on its own without you having to lift a finger. It can make the transition from phone to laptop seamless.

Productivity: Evernote, Evernote Hello and EverClip

Evernote allows you to clip webpages onto your computer, not from your phone. So you need EverClip to capture pages and send them to your desktop. Evernote Hello allows you to scan a business card and then it will find that person for you on Linkedin. You can also take notes about meeting the person and send them to Smartr.

Google Drive and Dropbox: Cloud Storage

Google Drive and Dropbox both let you save files in the cloud and provide access to them via your mobile device.

1Password: Password Protection

If security is important to your business, you need a password manager. The alternatives are to either use the same password on everything or to try and memorise multiple passwords. The strongest passwords are random ones. 1Password generates strong, random passwords for each service you want and stores them for you syncing to either Dropbox or iCloud. You memorise one master password and let 1Password take care of the rest.

Your Bank’s App: Financial Convenience

Most banks now have apps that will allow you to transact business on them. This is especially handy for checking your account balances and paying bills.

Expensify: Tracking Expense Reports

Expensify ties in with your credit cards and QuickBooks online. You can capture transactions on your credit cards and take pictures of your receipts while on the road.

Campfire and HipChat: Team Communications

These apps allow you to chat with your business colleagues without leaving your chair. If you are in an office and have a quick question for someone across the room, either of these apps is great for asking it. They are essential for a “virtual office” setting.

GroupMe: Group Messaging

GroupMe is like Campfire or HipChat, but it allows you to send messages to an entire group. If someone in the group doesn’t have a smartphone, it automatically sends them a text message instead. This is great for a “group within a group.”

TripIt: Trip Planning

TripIt is a cloud-based app that turns a bunch of confirmation emails into an itinerary that can be viewed within TripIt and exported to your calendar app.

Outbox: Snail Mail Organiser

Those who are still required to use snail mail will like Outbox. It allows you to scan snail mail letters and read them on your computer or mobile device.

Buffer: Social Media Manager

Buffer organises your social media accounts and puts them in one place: your smartphone.

What About Your App?

We hope that these apps not only make your business run smoother, but inspire you to create an app of your own. Can you incorporate some of these factors for your business, either in-house or to help your customers do business with you? Do you have an idea that may make it easier to use one of the apps we just told you about? You never know what works until you try.

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