Top “Aussie Apps” and What Makes Them so Great

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As part of the app creation and mobile app development field, we keep track of what apps are successful. We are always looking for an “edge” to pass on to our clients. We recently came upon a list of the “10 Best Aussie Apps” in the Good Gear Guide from PC World Australia.

Here are their best ten apps in order and what makes them popular from our perspective. Many of these apps have been around a long time, but all are still current.

One: Footy Flick

This app allows you to kick 6-pointers in footy, an exclusively Australian sport, on your phone. It is simple, engaging and can be played one kick at a time.

Two: The Aussie Quiz

People love their quizzes, as seen the numerous ones on Facebook. Quick, easy, engaging and the questions are all about Australia.

Three: Aussie Insult Generator

This free app contains over 200,000 insults, complete with etymology or history of many insults.

Four: Show the Loo

Out and about? This app shows you the location of every public toilet within a ten kilometre radius. It works really well with the next app we are going to mention.

Five: Drink Tracker

This is a very useful app for those who like their adult beverages. Simply enter every drink you have as you drink it while you are out. You select a target Blood Alcohol Content and Drink Tracker lets you know when you have met or exceeded it with the help of a countdown timer. It is only as accurate as your input, but it is a great reminder to be safe.

Six: NRL Supercoach

This is a wildly popular NRL fantasy league app. Put your team together under a salary cap. You can then interact with other team managers and transact trades. Fantasy sports are addictive and those who play them spend huge amounts of time, money and energy.

Seven: Metro Public Transportation- Melbourne/Perth/Sydney

This app allows you to organise local trips using public transportation. It includes buses, trains, trams and ferries.

Eight: Aussie Slang Dictionary

This app is probably better for international visitors, but a lot of locals find it entertaining. It is very user-friendly with an easy search function.

Nine: Official NRL App 2014

This app provides a host of free features such as highlight videos, live scores, reports, match previews and NRL news. You can purchase a subscription that will allow you to watch every game of the finals series live for $1.99 per week. It even has full match replays dating back to 2012.

Ten: Official AFL iPhone App

This app costs $5.99 and there is a $5.99 monthly subscription fee, but AFL fans agree that it represents a great value. You get access to video content and a radio feed of games you can’t watch. All you have to do is shake your iPhone to get score updates.

Eleven: Your Great Australian App

So, what’s stopping you from creating a great app that is Australian, through and through? We love game apps and we love international apps. We know that the US and Asian markets represent a lot of money. But sometimes, it is easier to solve your own problems than it is to solve the world’s problems.

If you are stuck for ideas, maybe your target niche is too large. Maybe you should consider narrowing it to Australia. If you have international aspirations, maybe you could make a game that can present a marketable caricature of Australia to the world, as Paul Hogan once did with his Crocodile Dundee movies. Could you make a game app that says, “Angry Birds meets Crocodile Dundee?” Not literally, of course, both are trademarked and copyrighted.

Or maybe you could develop a local sports fan app. How about an Australian travel app or a niche restaurant or pubs app? The possibilities are endless.

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