Tips for Launching a Winning Mobile App

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We are primarily iOS and Android app builders, helping app developers turn their dreams into reality. However, we also offer marketing services for those who prefer to have us take care of the “heavy lifting.” Building an app is only the first step. Then, it has to be gotten out to the public to have any chance at success. You can build the best app in the world but it won’t be successful if nobody sees it.

Here are some tips on launching your mobile app.

Set Goals

How many active installs do you want per week? How many total? How many reviews do you want? What average rating score would you like to see?

Show me the Money

Nothing shows off an app better than a video. You can either have one professionally made or you can make it yourself with a smartphone screen emulator or screencasting tool such as Simfinger or iShowU HD.

Start with One Store

Start with Android or iOS, but whichever, you can direct all of your resources to success in one store or the other. Once you are highly ranked in one, it will be easy to create and market your app for the other platform.

Finish your Content Early

Yes: content. That means you will need press releases, blog posts, a Facebook page and Twitter tweets finished in advance. This all needs to be in place before your launch date.

Network with the Media

You will want to get to know members of the media who will be excited about your app. Find publications that you think would be great for your app and reach out. Once again, do this before the launch date. When it gets closer, try to find reporters and bloggers who will be willing to publish your content and help take your app into the mainstream.

Grease the Wheels with a Free Preview

Let bloggers and reporters who can help you download your app early and for free. Encourage them to use it and see what they think. Be available for questions. Be media-friendly and your chances of the media being friendly to you rise exponentially.

Let Us Do the Work

Let us market your app. Call 1300 650 253.

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