This Wi-Fi App Stops Hackers from Breaking Into Your Phone

One of the growing trends in the field of mobile app development is privacy apps. Criminals are stealing information at a rate that grows faster and faster every day. We all think “It won’t happen to me,” but it does happen to a growing number of people every day. Cybercriminals can steal your banking information, passwords, emails and personal information much easier than you think.

It is important to protect yourself from these kind of intrusions, which can wreak havoc on your life if your information gets into the wrong hands. Cyber security giant Symantec has just created a privacy app for Wi-Fi users. It is easy to use, effective and and helps keep your information secure on non-secure Wi-Fi networks. It is called Norton Wi-Fi Privacy.

Why Apps Like This are Important

Many users think that just because they had to enter a password to get onto a public Wi-Fi network, their information is safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hackers can easily eavesdrop and gain access to any information that goes over the network. This includes credit card numbers, banking information and passwords.

Norton recently released a “Wi-Fi Risk Report” that revealed just how few consumers are actually protecting their information from hackers. Even if hackers don’t get your banking information, they often get your social media passwords. While this may not seem important, a lot of people use the same password for everything, from social media to banking. Hackers know this.

Here is the first big reveal of their report: only 34% of smartphone users in Australia know the difference between a secure Wi-Fi network and a non-secure Wi-Fi network. Most people assume that any network they log into at an airport, hotel or cafe has security built in. This simply isn’t true.

When you log into a non-secure network, hackers can steal all of your information. They either sell the information to professional criminals or use it themselves. They can easily drain your bank account before you even know anything is wrong.

By the Numbers

The raw numbers are disturbing. For example, 14% of Android Apps transmit unencrypted information, leaving your personal data unprotected. Norton Wi-Fi Privacy encrypts your data so the hackers can’t steal it. This protects your information and your identity.

63% of Australian smartphone users believe their information is safe when they are using a public Wi-Fi network. 50% have logged into their email on public networks while 51% have logged into various social media. 26% of smartphone users have logged into their bank on public Wi-Fi networks.

When a global perspective is brought into play, 68% of millennials think their information is safe on a public Wi-Fi network. 62% of Generation X think their information is safe. “Only” 55% of users over 55 think public Wi-Fi is safe. 66% of parents think public Wi-Fi is safe, compared to 59% of those who aren’t parents.

What Scares Smartphone Users?

This part of the report is especially relevant for any mobile app developer because consumers are telling you what their problem is and begging you to fix it for them. 84% fear having their financial information compromised. 74% fear having their personal videos and/or photos compromised. 83% fear getting infected with malware while 83% also fear having their user information compromised.

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy requires a subscription for USD$29.99 per year and is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

What it Means to the Small Mobile App Developer

We think security apps offer a great opportunity for a small mobile app developer to become a large mobile app developer. One of the traits that attracts us the most to the mobile app development field is that it is full of large companies that started out in garages or spare bedrooms.

Get Excited!

Our message is the same as always: find a problem that a lot of people will pay you to solve for them and solve it. If security is your passion, you may be able to take a bite out of the market. The giants are popular but there is always room for another player in the right niche.

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