This Neuroscience App Exercises Your Brain

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This Android and iOS app could take app development to a new level. Though it is not really a gaming app, it incorporates neuroscience and gaming principles to exercise your brain.

The basic app is called Peak. The app itself is free but it offers a pro subscription for $35 USD per year. The developers of Peak are working with experts in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive enhancement to create even more apps which will constitute “advanced training.”

Advanced Training will include contributions from leading cognition researchers and professors from the US, UK and China. These include Yale University, Cambridge University and Peking University. In particular, C8 Sciences, who work with Yale University, will contribute a special regimen to help children and those who suffer from ADHD. C8 Sciences incorporate both video games and physical activities into their design.

Peak’s strengths are development, design and distribution, while C8 Sciences contribute most of the neurological savvy. The end result is games that can greatly improve cognitive function. IntelliGym, who specialise in programs for athletes, pilots and security specialists, is also listed as a contributor, along with entrepreneurial and management specialists BrainWays.

Why This is Important to You as a Mobile App Developer

This fits perfectly into our philosophy of finding a niche and either solving a problem or creating a product that a lot of people in the niche want. Think of all the niches that are mentioned here: human development, brain development, athletes, pilots, security specialists, managers and entrepreneurs.

Another interesting thing we can learn from this app: you don’t have to know everything to produce an app. Notice that this mobile app developer also collaborated with experts from three different continents.

We hope this helps you find a niche and come up with some great app ideas.

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