This Corporate Travel App Saves Time and Money

One of the principles we teach about app creation is to find a problem that people will pay you money to solve and then solve it for them. A company called Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has done just that with an internal app that helps their clients amalgamate travel plans when multiple executives are arriving from diverse locations to a common destination.

For example: if five employees are flying in at roughly the same time and need transport to the same office, the app helps them organise so that they can all take the same taxi.

CTM is a firm that specialises in, as their name indicates, corporate travel management. This may not sound like much but they have been acquiring travel agents since 2010. When their CEO sold 22% of his stock earlier this year, he raked in $320 million. Their stock, which started around $1 a share, now trades around $14 per share.

They specialise in helping businesses organise their travel so they can be more efficient and save money. They have been able to build a huge client base, partially on having innovative technology, including the aforementioned app.

What it Means for Mobile App Development

This is a classic version of a problem solving app. Their business is almost like a giant, living app that does exactly as we recommend. They found a problem that a bunch of people would pay them to solve and built a trillion-dollar business out of it.

We hope you are excited this. While CTM has already taken care of this niche, think of what you could do in a similar niche. But instead of building the infrastructure of a large business, imagine solving the problems of an industry with an app or a series of apps.

Do you know of a business that has a problem you could solve with an app? If so, contact us through the website and we will call you back ASAP. We even have investors who will help you get started if you need that to happen.

You never know until you try.