These Apps Take Up Too Much Space and Battery Power. Does Yours?

Mobile app creation and development has a lot of factors that can “make or break” an app. For most of us, the amount of space and battery power an app takes up on a mobile device is very important. While Android plans to address the problem with a new mobile operating system that will allow you to “hibernate” apps when they are not in use, these factors will always be important to the success or failure of your app.

Among apps that auto-start, Facebook takes up the most space, followed BBM, 8 Ball Pool, Instagram, Messenger and WeChat. Among apps that are started up the user, Spotify takes up the most space, followed Amazon Kindle, Line (Free Calls and Messages), Samsung WatchON, Snapchat, Netflix and Soundcloud.

For battery drainers, Samsung has the number one offender in each category. Beaming Service is the top battery drainer among auto-start apps and WatchON is the biggest battery drainer among apps started up the user. Among self-starting programs, Samsung Security Updates is second, followed Facebook. User-initiated programs on the list include Telstra and Snapchat.

They are All Successful: What’s the Problem?

We realise that all of these apps are successful. The problem, though, lies in respective market position. All of the companies with space and power-eating apps are already highly positioned in the marketplace. Many of them are considered “indispensable” their users.

You, on the other hand, as a fledgeling mobile app developer, do not have the luxury of wasting power or dominating a user’s available space. You need an app that is user-friendly and doesn’t consume a lot of memory space or power.

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