There’s Nothing Like Australia: What This App Means to You

We work hard at helping anyone interested in becoming an iOS or Android mobile app developer. One of the ways in which we do that is to provide information that we hope can inspire you towards app creation and development. We do this showing you successful apps, explaining why they are successful and what lessons you can take from a particular app.

An app from which we think you can draw inspiration is called, There’s Nothing Like Australia. It is a free iOS and Android app that was developed Tourism Australia.

There’s Nothing Like Australia focuses on thirteen tourist destinations. While it is great for Australians, it may be even better for those from other countries. It is produced in English, but can also be downloaded in German, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese versions.

It features interactive start-stop videos, travel stories about various popular attractions, advice on things to do and places to stay in each of the thirteen areas and an itinerary planner to help you keep everything straight.

What it Means to You

If you are thinking of becoming a mobile app developer, there are two questions you should ask yourself for any app idea that is not a game.

  • Does it solve a problem or provide a service that needs to be provided?
  • Do a lot of people need that problem solved or service rendered?

If an app solves a problem or provides a service that a lot of people need, it is a worthwhile idea and a high quality app can be of service. However, if you spend time, money and effort to develop an app that few people really need, it probably isn’t worth doing. The other factor is the potential market for the app. If the market isn’t big enough, you won’t make money.

The good news: if you answer yes to both of the above questions, you have a potential moneymaker on your hands.

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