The Surest Road to Successful App Creation

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Every successful mobile app developer was a rookie once. Everyone had to create their first app. Many tried hundreds before finding one that “took off” for them. Whether your platform will be Android or iOS, app creation can be lucrative if you follow some easy “rules.” Luckily for you, those who pioneered the industry made a lot of mistakes for you to learn from.

We have used their mistakes (and a few of our own) to come up with a road map for creating a successful app.

Find a Niche, Solve a Problem

A lot of neophytes want to create one game app and expect it to take off like Angry Birds or, in a previous generation’s favourite arcade game, Pac Man. If you are an avid gamer yourself, you may do very well with games and we encourage you to try. But for the rest of us, the surest way to create a successful app is to solve a problem for someone.

Start with your own “niche.” What field do you work in? What is your favourite hobby? Is there a problem you and a lot of your friends, both in your immediate world and online, would like solved? Can you solve it with an app? You may have a profitable enterprise on your hands.

If your own niche doesn’t work, find one that does. We recommend that you have a personal interest in the niche, but it isn’t mandatory. When you find a problem that a lot of people need solved for them, you will be ready to create your first app.

We recommend that you work within a niche that you know because you will have a much better handle on what makes that niche “tick.” If you are in a forum or multiple forums, you will know what questions are being asked. Are a lot of people complaining about one particular problem? Are they asking one particular question?

It is possible to work in a niche in which you have no interest, but it will require very good research skills. The process will be the same: you will find a problem that a lot of people have and solve it for them.

The Piggy-Back App

Whenever a popular app appears, there are always opportunities to piggy-back off of their success. Social media apps are great for piggy-backing. For example, is there a service you can provide to Facebook users? Can you make Instagram easier with a collage template, for example?

Monitor everything that happens in your niche. Set up Google alerts for new apps in that niche. Make it your business to know everything that happens in your chosen niche. You never know what little piece of information will inspire you to create the next great app.

The Right Platform

Choose the platform that matches the demographic the best. Will it be a smartphone, a tablet or both? Android or iOS? Choose the platform most likely to buy your app. If it becomes popular, create one for the other platform. Generally, the “average person” is going to have an Android smartphone or tablet and a more well-to-do person will have an iPhone or an iPad, at least in Australia, England, Canada or the US.

Make it User-Friendly

The best apps are the simplest ones. They simplify complicated processes and make it easier for the user to get results from your app. One of the most important parts of solving any problem is making it easier to handle. You can’t do that with an app that resembles a series of labyrinths.

The Right App Builder

At Smarter Apps, if you come up with the idea and tell us which platform you want first, we will take care of the rest. We feel very comfortable saying that we have the most talented team of consultants, developers, designers and builders in Australia.

Tell us what you need and we will provide it for you. It’s that easy: your ideas and our technical expertise. There will never be a better time than right now. Call 1300 650 253 today.

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