Taxi App goCatch Solves Problems for Taxis and Customers

In our years of iOS and Android app development, we have noticed that there are two kinds of apps that do extremely well. The first is games. For those who don’t have a “gamer” mentality, there is another option that is often extremely successful—solve a problem that affects a lot of people.

Apps that solve problems may not become huge viral successes like many games inexplicably do, but they make very nice niche products. Most of all, people who create apps that solve problems can usually make a great living, because they will never run out of potential customers.

The Problem

Taxi companies have trouble giving accurate estimates to customers. Customers would be told that a cab was 30 minutes away when it was actually an hour away. Often, dispatchers would find that they could have dispatched a different driver and gotten the customer served faster.

The Solution

Obviously, goCatch is the solution here. But how does it work? goCatch uses analytics technology to assess the amount of time it will take any driver to pick up a customer in any part of their service area. The app has been improved and updated from its original launch and now applies what its owners call an “intelligent geographic overlay” to service area maps.

Service areas, some as large as entire cities, are broken into thousands of portions called “tiles.” The tiles are coded to represent the length of time it would take for a car to reach a passenger. Not only is distance taken into consideration, but so is time of day and traffic information concerning delays and congestion.

Instead of just using proximity to the passenger, goCatch uses analytics to provide more accurate information.

What it Means to iOS and Android App Developers

We see goCatch as yet another example of how it is possible to make a lot of money developing apps if you are more concerned with solving problems than making money.

We operate on this principle: solve someone’s problem and the money will be there. There is no “free lunch” in business today and the app industry is no exception to that rule. If you want to make money, you have to provide value. Call 1300 650 253 to learn more.

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