Samsung Galaxy Tab S and How it will Affect App Development and Creation

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App creation and mobile app development for the Android platform will evolve once more, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has just hit the market. There is a symbiotic relationship between apps and mobile devices. Every time a new device with new features and more capability hits the market, it opens a window of opportunity for app developers to help users benefit from those new features and technological advances.

Not only does the platform drive the app market, but so do the devices themselves. It can be confusing for Android because so many companies are making Android mobile devices, but the most popular product will drive the market. Samsung has put a lot of time, money and effort into making the Galaxy Tab S into the flagship Android tablet.

So, what can an app developer do to take advantage of the new features and specifications? As you read this piece, think of what each new improvement could mean. What kind of app could take advantage of it? What kind of app would look good on the new display?

Galaxy Tab S: Competing with the iPad

The Galaxy Tab S is going after the iPad market. Their price is on the level of iPads. The basic 16G version sells for $549 on eBay, while the version with the Super AMOLED screen sells for $737.90. We will wait to see what the sale price is on these items closer to Christmas.

The Galaxy Tab S is most impressive for its screen. The screen is 10.5 inches. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, with 288 pixels per inch. It has a contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1. According to Samsung, the display is able to accurately produce 90% of the colours contained within the UV spectrum.

According to Good Gear Guide, the Galaxy Tab S out-performed the iPad air on contrast, brightness, range of colours and viewing angles. The display has been described as “stunning” many different reviewers and forum users. The display is of such high quality that it exposes flaws in substandard photos.

The Galaxy Tab S is also thinner and lighter than other tablets. It uses the Kit Kat 4.4 operating system with the Samsung TouchWiz overlay. TouchWiz is friendly to an app called SideSync, which allows Tab S users to control Galaxy smartphones via their Tab S.

Buyer beware: TouchWiz has gotten some negative reviews for being “ugly” and “clunky.” Then again, that could provide an opportunity for app developers.

Your Window of Opportunity

The Apple iPad has long been the product with the best display. Consequently, many of the better photo-based apps and other apps that can take advantage of what was once the superior iPad display can now be used to inspire Android apps. Also, the higher price point is going to attract more users willing to spend money on apps into the Android market. The basic rule of thumb for Android users relative to iOS users has stated that there are more Android users because of lower prices, but iOS users can afford to pay more for apps and usually don’t worry about a typically-priced app.

Food for Thought

We recommend that any serious app developer purchases the best tablet from both iOS and Android every Christmas season. The Galaxy Tab S is now in uncharted territory. It would probably be especially helpful to have a Galaxy Tab S and use it for inspiration and ideas.

How can you take advantage of the “stunning display?” How can you take advantage of the fact that it has a 10.5 inch screen? Can you build an app that fixes any of the things that many users don’t like about TouchWiz?

Your New App

We hope this has given you some ideas for a new app. If your head is spinning with ideas of how you can provide a useful app that fits perfectly with Samsung’s new display technology, we would love to hear from you.

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