Samsung Galaxy S6 to be Released in April

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The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain is an event that everyone in the mobile app development field anticipates highly. Those in Android app development usually pay close attention because manufacturers using the Android platform usually reveal their most anticipated releases there.

This year was no exception as Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S6. The S6 will be released in conjunction with a curved-screen variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Edge has a curved screen, will cost a lot more and isn’t projected to sell nearly as many units as the S6.

Galaxy S6: The Highlights.

The Galaxy S6 is going to be nearly unbreakable due to its combination of Gorilla Glass 4 and a metal body. It features a QHD 577 ppi 2560 x 1440 display, making it temporarily the sharpest display on the market. Samsung has equipped the S6 with its own Exynos 7420 processor.

This helped the S6 dominate testing, whose testing gave the S6 a score of 4,547. The new HTC One M9 came in second place with 3,959. The Nexus 6 was third with a score of 3,307. For perspective, the iPhone 6 Plus attained a score of 2,911. We don’t know what the numbers mean, other than “larger is better.” The S6 has a lot larger numbers than its competition.

The S6 is conveniently thin; it measures only 6.8mm in thickness. The battery is locked into the phone, but the popularity of battery packs has removed the inconvenience of there being no removable battery. They have also removed the Micro SD card slot. However, the removal of the slot has been more than mitigated the phone’s memory specs. It is available with 32, 64 or 128gb of memory.

The combination of Super AMOLED technology, a 5.1 display and QHD resolution is going to produce unprecedented display quality.

When you put it all together, the Galaxy S6 is going to be a monster. The projected selling points are $1100 for 32gb, $1240 for 64gb and $1390 for 128gb. Obviously, not everybody is going to buy one, but those who do will be able to afford paid apps that help them better utilise the S6 and its features.

What They Mean to You

Every year, phones are becoming more powerful. They have better batteries, faster processors, more storage and better displays. Today’s smartphones and tablets have more capabilities than the computers of 15 years ago. The more a smartphone can do, the more it opens up opportunities for mobile app development. In this case: Android app development.

When you are considering the possibility of creating an app, think of what you could improve upon. Look at apps in your niche and ask if they are doing enough for the end user. You may even want to visit forums and sites like Yahoo Answers to see what problems people are having with the app you are considering improving.

There are other things to consider as well. Can you take advantage of any of the computer’s new visual capabilities and create a visual app that is attractive to any particular market? If you are a game developer, does enhanced resolution allow you to create an app that does something nobody has done before?

Remember that your niche for the Galaxy S6 is going to be the high end user. Think of what high end users might need, the problems they may have that need solving. Develop a target market and a niche. Figure out how you can be of service.

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