Samsung Dominates International Mobile Phone Market During 2012

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A recent report IT research firm Gartner showed that Samsung has dominated international mobile phone sales during 2012. During the second quarter of the current fiscal year, Samsung sold 90.4 million mobile phones, of which 45.6 million units, or 50.4%, were smartphones. Apple, which was in second place for smartphones but third place in overall mobile phones, sold 28.9 iPhones during the quarter.

Apple has found itself in a bit of a slump. According to the Wall Street Journal, the second quarter was only the second time in a total of 39 quarters that Apple’s sales didn’t meet their projections. According to Gartner Principal Analyst Anshul Gupta, “Samsung has… increased its lead… to one-and-a-half times that of Apple” during the recent quarter.

In the operating systems race, Android’s market share rose to 64.1%, while iOS fell to 18.8%. Symbian has fallen from 22.1% a year ago to 5.3 for the second quarter, and BlackBerry fell to 5.3%.

So, what does all of this mean to Android app developers? What does it mean to iOS app developers? Are there even any BlackBerry app developers left?

First of all, it means that Samsung is doing a great job of dominating its home turf. It also means that there is a lot of room for Android apps. When you put these together, it raises a distinct possibility that the Asian Android App market is currently underserved.

For Apple, the news is not pleasant, but not really bad, either. Apple’s main focus has always been on its own home turf, and on English-speaking countries. Apple’s iOS is still the leading operating system in English-speaking countries, and the iPad mini, which will have a price point of $329, should help them regain some of the tablet market share they lost to the Nexus 7.

Considering the relative price points of Android and iOS products, we can make the following generalisation: Android appeals more to the “masses,” while Apple appeals more to the relatively affluent. This is only a generalisation, and is no means a definitive market study, but it can help both iOS app developers and Android app developers decide what to offer their prospective customers.

We can say three things for sure: there are plenty of Android smartphones out there, the majority of them are in Asia, and the market looks very good for Android apps.

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