Q3 Report on Mobile Apps an Eye-Opener for Mobile App Developers

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It is important for mobile app developers to keep up on every trend in the business. Failure to do so can mean the difference between “making it” and failing. Fortunes have been made literally capitalising on one trend at the right time. Whether it’s knowing what apps are popular or knowing how, where and when mobile advertising is most effective, information is crucial in the mobile app development field.

Recently, Opera Mediaworks released its Q3 2015 State of Mobile Advertising report. It has information that may or may not be surprising, but we think a few of the trends are crucial information for mobile app developers.

What’s in the Report?

The biggest news is that Apple has regained the #1 position in monetising mobile devices. Android had been in the lead since Q1 of 2014, but Apple now has the lead with 52.1% of all Opera Mediaworks mobile ad revenue.

The iPad is most responsible for this, with 8.3% of all advertising impressions producing 20.3% of advertising revenue. This means that advertising impressions on iPads are more profitable than those on any other device. When tablets from iOS and Android are added together, the result is that they have doubled their impressions in a mere three months and now represent more than twice the revenue potential of smartphones.

The other big news: games is now the category that brings the most revenue at 23.7%. That beat categories that traditionally do better, such as the “music, video and media” and “social networking” categories. News and information moved up to #2, generating 18% of revenue.

Two lesser but relevant results: Australia uses more video advertising on smartphones per capita than any other country in the world and the US has 61% of global video impressions while they only have 31% of global advertising impressions.

What it Means to Mobile App Developers

We won’t give a long explanation here because it would be belabouring the obvious: start thinking seriously about iPad apps and games. They are where the money is and they are both rising right now.

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