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Our Project Management Solution “Live Project” was developed and refined in house, we needed a better way to manage our own projects, internal and external to client communications.¬† Live Project is feature packed cloud based project management and task deployment utility backed strong mobile & tablet iOS and Android apps. The feature list is long without making the application overly difficult to administer or learn. Importantly the mobile apps are easy to learn for the end user.

Features –

  • Project Management
  • Collaborate With Staff & Clients
  • Task Deployment
  • Document Management – PDF, Word, Image Files
  • Asset Management – Location & Tracking Services & QR Codes
  • Time Tracking – Stopwatch & Manual Logging
  • Push Notifications
  • Staff Monitoring – Mapping Data
  • Powerful Checklist Functionality
  • Image Capture From Mobile
  • Data Syncing – Offline Capability
  • Cloud Storage
  • Audit Trail
  • Reporting At A Glance

Benefits –

  • Live Project users report an instant increase in productivity and efficiency. Customer service is greatly improved, we run live project in house and our clients love the system.
  • Push notifications keep end users alerted to updates instantly. All communications are time and date stamped creating an audit trail, ideal for OH&S issues, dispute resolution and tracking response times.
  • Our system can be used to collaborate with both staff and clients, tasks can be defined within projects to handle the various¬† aspects such as general communications, important documents, client specific communications and task specific communications.
  • Asset Management and monitoring is at the heart of Live project, use QR codes or beacon technology to monitor and track project assets such as tools, heavy equipment, machinery or IT equipment.


We can setup test accounts on request, we offer a 30 day unrestricted trial of the software. Please use the contact form or call us during business hours and we can have you up and running in the same business day. Live_project

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