Pokemon Go Takes Australia Storm

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If you are a mobile app developer or you want to be one, you have probably noticed that one app has taken over not only Australia, but the rest of the world storm: Pokemon Go. In Australia, New Zealand and the US, Pokemon Go immediately became the most-downloaded and top-grossing app.


The Mechanics of Pokemon Go and Making Money

Pokemon Go not only surpassed games such as Game of War – Fire Age and Mobile Strike, it is making more money than these games. It is also making more money than all apps: not just gaming apps.

Pokemon Go is free to play but offers ingame purchases. The main purchase is Pokeballs, which catch the various “critters” you will be chasing. While users can catch critters exploring their streets, resulting in some of the more comedic moments you may have seen on the Internet, you can also use the Pokeballs to attract the critters and let them come to you.

To purchase Pokeballs, you have to buy Pokecoins. Besides, Pokeballs, Pokecoins also let you buy items such as incense to attract more Pokemon critters for 30 minutes.

What it Means for App Creation

We can’t pretend to know what makes Pokemon so popular but we can appreciate the mechanics around it and what is making it so popular.

With its feature where people physically chase critters around their area, it actually takes the game off of your smartphone or tablet and puts it into real space. This not only creates a hybrid “playing surface” which incorporates the virtual and the real, it also incorporates social media with face to face interaction.

Those of you who are “gamers” or game developers can appreciate the tried and true model of letting people buy better performance. This is the classic financial backbone of game apps: let someone spend money to make it easier to score more points.

If you have an idea for a game app, contact us today. Let’s see if we can get your game up and running. We’re not saying you’ll be the next big game like Pokemon but we’re not saying you won’t, either.