One App, One Month, One Hundred Million USD?

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It’s the holy grail of all iPhone, iPad, or Android apps developers. Your app is out for one month, and one of the “big boys” offers you as much as a hundred million dollars. The app is Mailbox, and they were reportedly offered $100 million Dropbox.

Dropbox did, indeed, buy Orchestra, the company that developed Mailbox, and hired their fourteen employees to keep the business running. So, how did a company with fourteen employees put an app at the App Store in February, and sell for as much as $100 million in March?

The short answer? They had the right idea at the right time, and got it to market. Obviously, it was a bit more complicated than that, but the company, called Orchestra, took action when they needed to and were rewarded for it.

Orchestra has actually been around since 2011, when their first app, called Orchestra To-do, was named the productivity app of the year the App Store. Their app begun when one of the founders made the observation that many people use e-mail as a “to-do list.”

They developed Orchestra, used it in their own lives, and still got sent tasks via email. They decided, as they say on their website, to “put email in its place,” and started on Mailbox. Two months after a soft launch, and only one month after its debut in the App Store, Mailbox was producing a daily volume of 100 emails.

Currently, Mailbox is only available for iPhone and Gmail, but they state numerous times in interviews and on their website that their goal is to make the app available for all who want to use it.

So, one month after their introduction in the App Store, their app was delivering at least one million emails each day, they had goals to expand the app, and they had a crew of fourteen people. They knew they wouldn’t be able to develop other versions fast enough, so they ended up taking Dropbox’s offer, and combined operations with them, for that aforementioned fee of $100 million or so.

What did the developers of Mailbox have that you don’t?

We hope that every Android, iPhone and iPad developer out there is excited after hearing this story, because when they started with their first app in 2011, the developers didn’t have a lot that you don’t have. They were brilliant at fundraising, though, and raised $5.3 million as a start-up company.

We won’t pretend to know how to raise $5.3 million, but we can develop your app for a lot less money than that. When you work with us at SmarterApps, you are working with a company that already has infrastructure in place.

Most of all, there are a lot of things they had that you also have. The mechanics of developing this app were really simple. They found a problem and solved it. They found a need and provided a product that filled that need. This is classic Internet marketing 101, but it is something that is essential to any product’s success in the marketplace.

The next big “hump” for many is getting the product to market. Developing an app on your own, especially for the Apple App Store, is difficult, because there are a lot of regulations. You have to build a lot of things into your app that can be problematic for those without experience, and cause their app to be rejected numerous times for numerous tweaks before finally getting accepted.

At SmarterApps, we have a lot of experience at getting apps into the App Store. We know what they want included, and we know what not to do. When one of our clients submits an app to the App Store, it is approved the first time. That saves a lot of time, money and effort that could be spent marketing and publicising your app.

Can we guarantee that your app will be the next one to fetch a $100 million offer from one of the “big boys?” Of course not. But we can help you turn your ideas into iPad, iPhone, or Android apps. And once your app is in the App Store or Google Play, anything can happen.

And that brings us to the last thing Orchestra did that you can do: they took action. If the co-developers hadn’t taken action when they were thinking about email being a to-do list, they never would have progressed to their current app. We all have ideas, but the best idea in the world doesn’t do any good if you don’t take action.

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