Nokia: Surprising Entrant in the Android Realm

Recently, Nokia announced that they will be producing a low-priced Android smartphone. This is notable for two reasons. First, Nokia appeared to have tied its destiny to Microsoft and their competing Windows Phone system. Also, it is possible that this move will make smartphones affordable for even more people than they already are.

Since Microsoft is in the final stages of acquiring Nokia, we find this alliance even more dodgy. The line, called the Nokia X, was recently introduced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress wireless show. While we don’t know what the Australian price will be, the price in Europe will be 89 Euros, which is roughly 138 AUD.

Besides the standard Android features, the Nokia X is equipped with a feature called “Fastlane,” which sorts your apps in order of usage and puts those you use the most at the top of your screen. Fastlane is currently intended to remain exclusive to the Nokia X, with no plans for any other company to include it on their Android phones or for Microsoft to include it on their Windows phones.

The specs: a 101.6 mm diagonal screen, 480 x 800 pixels resolution, 1 GHz processor, 4-GB of storage, a 3 megapixel camera and a 1500 mAh battery capacity.

What the Nokia X Means to You

We believe that an even lower-cost Android phone will open the market to a few more users who would not normally use smartphones. We see this as a continuation of the growth pattern that has seen smartphones develop from a curiosity to a necessity for many. In Australia, 64.6% of the population owns a smartphone. The highest concentration is in the UAE at 73.8%, with South Korea following at 70%.

With smartphones expected many to see an era of slower growth due to saturation, we see opportunity, but we also think that you may have to be a bit smarter to put a competitive product on the market. We still advocate the same two formulas we always have: either find a problem that a lot of people have and solve it or create a game that a lot of people will want to play.

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