New App Finding Rover Helps Pet Owners—Find Rover

Finding Rover is a new app that has impressed both mobile app developers and dog owners. Those in app creation and development love Finding Rover because it is an inspirational app that uses the most opportunity-filled technique for devising an app in today’s economy–find a problem and solve it. Dog owners love it because it solves a huge problem for them, which is getting their lost dogs back.

Dog owners are a special breed. They love their pets and want everyone to know it. In fact, when a dog owner loses his or her best friend, they are devastated and it feels as though they have lost a member of their immediate family. The traditional methods of trying to find one’s lost dog are driving or walking around the neighbourhood and calling the dog’s name. If that doesn’t work, the next stop is to put up posters and knock on doors.

More often than not, those methods fail and dogs are lost forever to their owners. John Polimeno of Denver, USA, the mobile app developer of Finding Rover, lost his own dog, Harley. Though they managed to find Harley through the traditional methods, Polimeno never forgot the agony that both he and his family suffered while looking for their dog.

Polimeno created the app for iPhone and released it for sale in July. As of 19 August, there are already 20,000 registrations. Better yet, seven lost dogs have already been found and returned to their rightful owners. Polimeno’s verbal mission statement for his app: “To create a community of people who look after each others’ pets.”

The app uses facial recognition technology and applies it to dogs. According to Polimeno, the app is 98% accurate. The app works taking a picture of a lost dog, then three points are aligned with the dog’s face. The photo then runs through the app’s database and the app searches for a match.

Police and animal officers currently use the app in Denver to help lost dogs make it home. Even when the search is unsuccessful, the dog’s face is still added to the database.

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