Monetising a Mobile App

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Unless your app goes viral, just developing it and slapping it up at Apple Store or Google Play probably won’t be enough to make a lot of money. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to run mobile app ad campaigns to get your first wave of downloads, thus giving them a chance to go viral.

The parameters for mobile app campaigns are a lot like cost per action (CPA) campaigns. One can run a campaign using CPM. CPM, or cost per thousand, means that you pay per 1,000 impressions. Mobile app campaigns, though, are usually purchased using cost per install (CPI) or cost per download (CPD). Like CPA, CPI and CPD pay for a completed action. Here are the most popular options available for mobile app campaign.

Incentivised traffic means the user gets an incentive to click onto an ad. This is purchased on ad networks, and users, mostly gamers, who download your app, are given app upgrades or game currency in return. While this is a great way to get a lot of traffic, the quality of the traffic isn’t always good, because many users download the app and never look at it again.

Non-incentivised traffic is more traditional. It is usually CPI or CPD, and the user gets no incentive for downloading your app. If he or she likes it, they download it. This gives a higher quality of traffic, and allows you a lot more control over placement. Consequently, it costs more than incentivised traffic.

Mobile display is another traditional program, based on CPM or cost per click (CPC). It can cost $0.05 to $0.25 CPC, so it is important to make sure that your earnings per click (EPC) justifies the cost of the leads. Usually, if someone clicks on a mobile display ad, he or she is interested in your app.

Push notifications allow you to send messages to those who have bought your app. This allows you to convert income on the “back end,” and keeps you in touch with your customers. Push notifications must be used with great care, or you run the risk of alienating your customers.

So, what kind of advertising program works best? It depends on your target market. For example, gamers who click on incentivised offers will probably be more interested in games. We recommend buying small amounts of traffic and seeing which works best for your app.

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