Mobile Marketing Apps: How Many Businesses are Fulfilling their Potential?

As more and more consumers turn to their smartphones and tablets, mobile app developers are coming up with new strategies for mobile apps. While the most popular business model is making an app and going for the big one in Google Play or the iOS App Store, many of those in app creation and development are making a steady, predictable income under the radar producing apps for businesses.

The standard technique here is to offer to develop an app for a small or medium-sized business. Restaurants and retail outlets are perfect potential customers, if they can afford the service. It is the app creator’s job to convince businesses that they can’t afford not to have an app.

The advantages of app development for a business are huge. First of all, more and more people are comfortable placing orders or making reservations smartphone. If they can do it online through an app, it makes the process even easier. Having an app can give a business an advantage over competitors who don’t have an app.

Another thing that many businesses fail to consider is that every time someone with a smartphone looks at their app screen, it is a free advertising impression for the business that has the app. The app advertises the business and makes it easier to conduct a transaction with that business. Can you see the possibilities here?

So, let’s go to the stats. The sizes of the businesses aren’t given in the infographic created Uberflip, but we can infer from the results that they medium to large businesses. While it may be harder to market to these businesses due to gatekeepers and busy decision-makers, they usually have more money to spend on apps, so it is worth the effort to curry their favour.

How many Brands have a Mobile Strategy?

According to the infographic, only 25% of brands questioned said that they have a mobile strategy. In addition, many of those who said yes had no strategy at all. They just put up sites or made apps and did nothing to spread the word.

It is the reverse side of this equation that should have app creators and developers excited: at least 75% of businesses have no mobile strategy. That means that the industry is leaving a lot of money lying on the table for a savvy app developer to pick up.

How Many Brands have a Mobile Presence?

These numbers may seem “off” when compared to the mobile strategy question, but just as many businessmen who have a website or app and do nothing with it perceive themselves to have a “strategy,” there are also those who have sites or apps who don’t perceive themselves as strategic.

The numbers are interesting. 27% have a mobile site while 7% have a native app. 21% have both. Meanwhile, 45% of businesses don’t have any kind of mobile site or app–only a desktop site.

The main takeaway for app creators and developers is that a whopping 71% of businesses don’t have a native mobile app. Seven businesses out of every ten are potential customers for someone using the business to business model for app revenue.

Miscellaneous Findings and Conclusions

Many businesses and mobile app developers simply aren’t marketing their apps correctly. According to a study in August of last year, out of the combined 1,400,000 apps in Google Play and the iOS App Store, 66.7% of them have never been downloaded.

When you put all of this together, you get a market that is screaming to be sold to and trained how to utilise their apps. As we mentioned earlier, you won’t “shoot the moon” on an app for even a large business, but you will make a steady income supplying apps to businesses that need them.

Smartphones have already surpassed computers on the internet and the trend will continue to grow until smartphones are dominant. In addition, people are getting more used to the concept of doing business on their smartphones via the Internet and that trend can only grow.

Business owners simply need to be educated to the fact that if they don’t have an app, they are probably leaving money on the table. Native apps are superior to mobile websites. They are a lot easier to access and they work faster within their native platforms than going to the website.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to take risks, the business to business model is perfect for you. You will make a certain amount of money on each app, guaranteed, simply for delivering on your promise.

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