Mobile App Time Dominates Smartphone Use

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If you want to be or already are a mobile app developer, you are really going to like the results of the IAB Australia and Nielsen Mobile Ratings Report. The report was prepared using data compiled in August 2015 and covered various aspects of smartphone use. Here are the results.

During the month of August 2015, Australians who owned smartphones spent an average of close to 35 hours a month using them for digital content, either through an installed app or on the Web.

Australians now spend 43% of their “device time” on smartphones: more than any other digital device. We spend 39% of our time on desktop/laptop computers and 18% on tablets.

On smartphones, we spend 35% of our time on social networks, 16% finding entertainment and 12% playing games. On tablets, we spend 28% of our time on social networks, 23% playing games and 20% for entertainment.

Those numbers bode well for mobile app developers but here’s an amazing number: out of those 35 hours a month engaging digital content, Australians spent nearly 33 hours a month on apps. Sessions are usually 9 to 10 minutes in length, with about three times the frequency of computer use.

The data was taken from 2500 Australian mobile device users. It is a preview of a report slated for release sometime this year.

What it Means to You

This is great news for any mobile app developer. Smartphones and apps are becoming the dominant forces in the computer industry. Not everyone has a smartphone yet but those who do are using them more than they use their computers, at least for personal use.

Reports like this make it obvious or at least evident that the market for apps is getting bigger and isn’t going away anytime soon. You may not have gotten in at the very beginning but the industry is still growing more than fast enough for savvy developers to get “their piece of the pie.”

Are You Ready?

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