Mobile App Development: These Apps Turn Your Smartphone Into a Juggernaut

As we have been teaching for a long time now, the key to mobile app development is finding problems people have and creating an app to solve the problems. This can be a specialised app to solve one problem or it can be a more general app that solves a lot of problems.

The apps we are going to tell you about in this piece, courtesy of Gizmodo Australia, can make your smartphone perform like a laptop and even better in some cases. Then, we will tell you why these apps are so important for those looking to enter the field of mobile app development.


Tasker is an Android app that is available for $3.49. It is the most popular of apps that help automate the Google mobile operating system. It gives you control of apps, alerts, dialog boxes, notifications, inputs, outputs, phone settings and numerous other operations. It can be complicated in the beginning, but the benefits of learning to use it far outweigh the effort it takes.

The short version: it helps you connect input to output, allowing you to create your own “autopilot” for your Android phone. The app has numerous plugins and add-ons. In addition, it has a raving fanbase disguised as a user community.

That user community comes in handy because Tasker does so much. For example, you can make your phone go on silent when you enter a designated area. You can assign passcodes to certain apps, which comes in really handy for Paypal and other apps connected to your credit cards.


Workflow is an iOS program that is a lot like Tasker. It costs $4.49. It has been described as “a long series of API’s that allow apps to talk to each other in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.” API stands for Automated Program Interface. These API’s can allow you to use multiple apps in succession and save the shortcuts on your homescreen or within apps. They can also be used as iOS share extensions.


IFTTT is short for “if this than that.” It is known for getting great results with an extremely short learning curve. Many of these results are due to custom-made “recipes” that use a trigger (if this) and follow it up with an action (then that). IFTTT is a free Android app, but it can integrate into a host of Android and iOS products.

IFTTT works with a series of free DO apps: DO Camera, DO Note and DO Button. The DO apps are even more simple than IFTTT and they allow the user to integrate automatic tasks on some channels with basic actions performed on your smartphone.

If IFTTT sounds familiar, it’s because it also exists as a web app. So, what can you do with IFTTT? It allows you to cross your favourite platforms. For example, you can use your SMS feed to update Facebook or automatically save your favourites on Instagram to Dropbox. Whatever shortcut you want to create, IFTTT will help you. If you don’t want to create, they already have some popular shortcuts ready for you.

What Does This Mean to a Mobile App Developer?

We are big fans of this style of mobile app development. The app creation process is a combination of two fundamentals of success in the app development field: solving problems that a lot of people have and leveraging those who are already successful.

All three of these apps help people organise their smartphone experience better and save them time and effort. While we recommend “drilling” more deeply into niches for the beginner and finding one problem, these apps solve a lot of “niche” problems according to the user’s choice.

The most important takeaway here is that all three of these apps leverage other apps that have billions of users. Whenever you can use someone else’s success and years of marketing to your advantage, your app has a chance of becoming extremely lucrative.

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