Mobile Android Health App Launched Kaiser Permanente

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Mobile Android Health App Launched Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, a health plan, has just launched an app that will allow users to access their medical records on their Androids.  There is also an iPhone and iPad version in the works.  In the meantime, iPhone users can access their health records connecting to an external, mobile-optimized version.

At the moment, KP covers nine states and the District of Columbia.  The app will provide their users access to most of their paperwork and lab tests.  It also has the capability to email doctors, fill prescriptions, and book appointments directly from the Android.  The app also has a GPS function that will enable users to search for KP medical facilities in their area.

On the company’s end, the HealthConnect EHR platform stores patient records from various providers, such as pharmacies, laboratories, radiologists, and hospitals.   It also allows doctors to store their data on clinical decision support, bedside data, and bar codes for medications.

Philip Fasano, CIO and Executive VP of KP, said, “The benefits of mobile extend beyond member engagement; mobile solutions can have a positive impact on health.”  Fasano also said that the Android EHR app will be a “springboard” for a series of medically-related apps in the near future.  According to a statement KP’s chief CPO and Chariman, “There has been an explosion in the growth of mobile devices, and users are looking for new and improved ways to manage their lives online.  It’s time to make health information easily accessible from mobile devices.”

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