Maximise Your App’s Exposure with the Help of Bloggers

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If you are a mobile app developer who is using social media to promote your app, you are off to a good start. Facebook, for example, can provide laser-accurate targeting and promote your app to the demographics who are the most likely to use it. But you need more than that to maximise exposure and minimise expenditures. Here are some helpful tips.

Who is Your User?

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned “laser-accurate targeting.” This is the single most important thing you can do to make your app successful: know exactly who is the most likely to use your app. This means they either really need it, really want it or both, depending on the genre or niche. Some basic demographics: country, age, gender, interests. You can “drill down” even deeper every time you ask another question.

Who is Your Blogger?

So, you know your user is most likely to be female, Australian, 40-49 and single with an income between $1600-$1699 per week with an interest in wine. What kind of blogs do they read? Are they more likely to use Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as their “go-to” social media?

You need to match the blogger to the answers of these questions and any that are more relevant to your app.

Make an Offer

Ideally, you will give the reviewer your app and he or she will review it. However, this is not nearly as attractive to bloggers and reviewers as free physical products. You will probably have to use some kind of physical or financial incentive to “sweeten the pot” for the reviewer.

Do Your Part

Once you get your product reviewed on as many blogs as possible, make sure you link them all to your social media pages. This will not only get more eyeballs on your product, it increases the chances of your product going viral.

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