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We always keep an eye out for great apps to inspire mobile app creation and development. We want to help past, present and future mobile app developers showing them examples of what works and why.

Here are Mashable’s 7 favourite apps as of October 2013.


Cameo allows users to create videos with their friends. It combines simplicity with professional quality video effects, allowing amateurs to create professional-looking videos. Then, it makes it easy to share the videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, it’s free.

Zombie Kong World

It isn’t affiliated with Donkey Kong but it plays a lot like Donkey Kong with zombies. Thus, it is popular with older fans of Donkey Kong and young fans of Zombies—this is a classic example of brilliant app creation.

Tadaa 3D

This app turns standard photos into 3D photos allowing the user to create an illusion of a third dimension and it also allows animations. Without doubt, visual people love this app.

IOS 7 Keyboard for Android

This is a very creative form of Android app development. The keyboard operates and looks just like the iOS keyboard. We don’t know what either company thinks of it but we like it.

Rhymes with Friends

This is marketed as a “poetry slam” app but we see it as a great excuse to have fun and be creative at the same time. You can “play” solo or against other users. When you finish, you can add your poems to a digital book and share it on various social networks.

Today – Calendar Widgets

This app is a set of calendar widgets that the app developer describes as “minimal.” It can sync with your Google calendar and it can appear as a traditional calendar or an agenda. It is flexible, non-pretentious and easy to use.


Short for “achiever,” this app is a social network for achievers to provide mutual support for each other. Users can earn points for achieving their goals and they can find plenty of kindred spirits to compare notes with.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

We hope this stimulates your app creation and development potential. We like Achvr the best because the social network aspect gives it the potential to be a big hit. To start turning your ideas into success, call 1300 650 253 today.

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