Making Money With Mobile Apps – Some Amazing Numbers

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Millions are being made in the mobile app market and the upward trend is staggering, the rise of the “mobile app millionaire” has been rapid to say the very least. If you have an unique idea and some time and money to invest then your well on your way to a share of this massive growth industry. If your an entrepreneur then the app market is your best friend and new playground.  The growth in the app sector is impressive and its not set to slow anytime soon, fortunes are being unlocked daily.

Smartphone Trends

  • Global market: 260 millions smart devices and growing
  • More than 35,000 downloads per minute – 20 billion per year
  • Downloads expected to reach 185 billion 2014 (revenue $25 billion)
  • Paypal reports mobile transactions growing 25% per month (Australia)
  • Mobile internet usage is set to pass traditional PC internet usage (Australia)
  • Two in 5 internet searches are now done on a smartphone (Australia)
  • Google reports smartphones have exceeded desktops in some areas – Google maps
  • Social networking use on smartphones & PC’s is already about equal

The proof is in the numbers, smart business operators are going to see the opportunity and in much the same way as the early days of the internet they will act on ideas and reap the rewards.


 “The app gold rush has generated some amazing stories, there are reports of individual developers making small fortunes in a single month after an app has been released. Ethan Nicholas who developed the tank artillery game “ishoot” is reported to have made $37,000 in a single day back in the early days of the App Store.  This year the  Angry Birds game has reportedly reached 500 million downloads since release in 2009, the revenue numbers are off  the charts. You could say the sky is the limit but with the current situation in the  app market it might be a little higher than that!”

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