Make Security a Priority in Your Enterprise App

Mobile app development in the public eye is all about making apps to sell or offer for free at Google Play or Apple’s App Store. However, there is a big segment that a lot of people don’t know about: enterprise apps.

Enterprise apps are apps that are made for a business to use “in house” for the purpose of improving the efficiency of their operation. An enterprise app allows the user to take the workplace with them in their tablets and smartphones. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the business, producing a greater return on investment (ROI).

Improving Efficiency

A great enterprise app allows more flexibility for employees. When it is done correctly, it allows employees to produce more due to having better access to essential information. An enterprise app should make it easier for employees and executives alike to share and move information between remote locations and the workplace.

When employees have access to vital information and can share new information with the workplace simply using their smartphones, productivity and efficiency increase. A US study shows that workers in that country have increased productivity around 25% in the last twenty years, with much of the increase due to mobile technology.

Increasing ROI

In Australia, mobile apps that allow employees to manage document workflows and collaborate with each other from mobile devices have been reported to produce savings of 63%. In addition, organisations who use enterprise level apps to share documents have been reported to produce an ROI of 372% in five months.

Why Enterprise Level Security is Needed

Unfortunately, where there’s information, there are usually hackers. If an organisation puts their intellectual property out on a consumer-grade app instead of using enterprise level security, their information is put at risk. Every time the employee uses another app on their mobile device, there is the risk of information “leaking.”

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