Main Takeaways of Australia Mobile Broadband Market Services and Apps Report 2016

If you are a mobile app developer or want to be one, one of the most important tools that comes out every year is the Australia Mobile Broadband Market Services and Apps Report. This report gives people in the mobile app development or app creation field a great “heads up” for the coming year.

If you want the entire report, it’s easy to find. We would rather look at the main takeaways and what they mean to everyone in the mobile app creation and development field.

Australia Has the Highest Global Mobile Broadband Speed

If you are doing apps that are specific to Australia, take advantage of that high speed. It gives you the freedom to add a lot to an app that might make the app run too slow in other countries.

Ericsson and Telstra are Testing 5G at the Commonwealth Games

This is along the lines of “highest global speed.” It means you can make your apps better. It also means that Australians are going to expect their apps to take full advantage of a better signal. Trust us on this: if you don’t do it, your competition will.

600% Increase Expected in Mobile Data through 2018

If there is any part of you that thinks the app market is “oversaturated,” this fact should make you realise that it is nowhere near even being saturated yet. Australians are using their smartphones for more and more of their daily routines. This represents a great opportunity to find your niche and get in before the market actually does become saturated.

Telstra and Optus Will Cover 98.5% of the Population the End of 2016

This is more good news as more people will have access to high speed mobile broadband.

What it All Means to You

Mobile app development still has a lot of room for growth. There is still plenty of opportunity out there for you. Take advantage of it using the “contact us” link on the navigation bar or the “say hello” box on the home page.