Key Tech Predictions for 2014

According to a recent article in Technology Spectator, many trends that were predicted for 2013 are going to fully arrive in 2014. The next waves of virtualisation and automation are expected to be the main story this year. Software defined storage and networking may be a big trend for many organisations, too. Technology Spectator based their predictions upon big data, virtualisation and cloud, which they consider to be “key IT growth areas.” Here are their predictions and our analysis of what they mean to iOS and Android app developers.

The Emergence of Automation and the Next Wave of Virtualisation

Australia has seen two important arrivals in the last year: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Microsoft Azure. Glacier from Amazon Web Services provides a cloud-based data storage solution that is seen as extremely cost-effective. These are seen as the main drivers of the next wave of virtualisation in Australia.

Technology Spectator predicts greater use of data storage that is defined software, spawning more data centres. With greater virtualisation comes the opportunity for those processes to be automatised. The end result could be greater flexibility and performance for customers through the increased ability to create data networks.

Multi-Hypervisor Strategies Will Continue to Grow

“Hypervisor” is a tech word for a virtual machine manager, in which a single hardware host can house multiple operating systems which function simultaneously. Microsoft seems to be particularly keen on this, now claiming 57% of Singapore’s hypervisor developments. Increased use of multi-hypervisors will create security issues concerning data protection.

New Strategies will Replace Windows XP Support

Since Microsoft no longer provides support for Windows XP, many organisations will be forced to make adjustments in their end-user strategies. Technology Spectator sees increased use of mobility strategies, meaning computing solutions that don’t involve a PC.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is seen as a potential replacement for many niche applications, but they don’t see it becoming a universal replacement for Windows XP. Instead, it is more likely that BYOD and mobility will be the more common solutions.

The projected end result is a movement toward more mobile devices and less desktop computers.

The Cloud will Overtake the Client Server as the Main IT Architecture for Organisations

Since mobile devices contain far less innate storage, organisations will turn to cloud-based solutions as mobile devices rise. Once the paradigm shift is complete, most information will be stored in the cloud and client server storage will become nearly obsolete.

This will provide numerous benefits for organisations and their employees. Employees will be able to accomplish more having access to cloud-based storage and operating systems through their mobile devices, while organisations don’t have to worry about what will happen to their data in case of a fire or a flood.

Data Storage Reaches Critical Mass

Data storage is now at a level that is beginning to become problematic for many organisations, especially larger ones. There is a lot more data than there was and physical storage is becoming inadequate. In addition, organising the information is a headache.

This is about to become a huge problem.

Does Anyone See All of the Opportunity Here?

We love this piece in Technology Spectator because it almost provides a virtual roadmap of opportunities for app builders and developers. Business is moving toward mobile and cloud solutions to problems that were formerly solved PC’s and servers. This is going to provide a lot of opportunity for those who can figure out what businesses will need in the coming years and provide it for them.

Imagine what it could mean to you if you were able to solve one problem and be the first person to develop and create the app. Organisations will be using mobile devices to transfer data from employees to the cloud. They will be using mobile devices for numerous business tasks that were once done on computer. Think of how even something as simple as an office suite, if done correctly, could become a moneymaker that sets you up for life.

For those who think on a smaller scale, how about contracting with organisations to provide solutions specifically for them. A small number of organisations needing help with their storage and operations could provide a nice living or nest egg for the right entrepreneur.

Cloud-based solutions also allow small businesses to have access to the equivalent of an old mainframe computer. This is another niche that could provide someone a very comfortable living if they have the drive and personality for it.

If you have an idea that might work, call Smarter Apps today; you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

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