Keeping Your Mobile App on Budget and on Time

There are two basic problems that can plague every mobile app developer: money and time. It is important to have sufficient funding to create a product and it is important to get a working model to the marketplace as soon as possible. Here is an easy way to do both.

The Crucial Factor for Mobile App Success

The most crucial factor for a successful app is something we have mentioned often here. You must create an app that people want to use. This is either solving a problem for them or creating a kickass game that is irresistible.

But how do you know whether or not a lot of people are going to want your app until you test it? The worst thing in the world is to spend a lot of money creating a great app with all the bells and whistles, only to find out that nobody wants it.

Here is a way to increase your odds of success.

Step One: Put Out a Product ASAP

You may have a complicated, grandiose design for your app already. You may want it to solve every problem known to man. But unless you are a veteran app developer with a lot of money laying around, you need to simplify.

The best way to start is to make a simple version of your app ASAP. Go over the list of problems your app will be able to solve. Ask yourself what is the most important problem on that list, the one that will be the most helpful to your target market. Then, ask yourself what is the one thing you can do that will provide the highest value to the market that nobody else is doing right now.

In the product development industry, this is known as the MVP or Minimum Viable Product.

After you have answered these questions, it’s time to put out a prototype. As soon as the prototype is built, it can be distributed to people in your test market and any other stakeholders who may be in on your app. The fact that you have a visual product makes it much easier for your target market and stakeholders to understand and experience what your app offers.

Solicit feedback from these people immediately. They may suggest new features or changing some of the visual or functional aspects.

Then, it’s time to get the MVP to the marketplace. Simply provide the feedback to your app builders and developers and give them the go ahead. Alacrity is important in the app business. Don’t be a dinosaur or a procrastinator. Get something to market ASAP.


Once your product has made it to market, it’s time to apply marketing metrics to it and find out whether your app is viable and how to make it more successful. Here are the most important metrics:

  • Who is downloading the app and where are they downloading it from?
  • What are the most popular features?
  • What are the least popular features? These may be redundant.
  • Where are they leaving the app?
  • What are they purchasing within the app?
  • What features and functions are frustrating users?

Update the App

After you have collected this and other important data regarding the potential profitability of the app, use the information to update the app. Start listing problems and determining if solving them is worth the cost. Focus on new features that will make your app useful and addictive.

Are there any new features that may make your app go viral? The best ways are to integrate the app with social media and to make the product so great that it spreads the internet version of “word of mouth.”

Revenue is important. At the very least, you should know how many people are downloading your app, how many are using it and how much revenue each user is generating.

Repeat as Necessary

This cycle can be repeated as often as necessary, allowing your app to evolve over time.

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