Is the Perfect Travel App Coming Soon?

The aviation industry has put out the ultimate mobile app creation and development challenge. They want someone to develop the “perfect travel app.” Could you be the person who gives them what they need?

Recently, the CAPA Centre for Aviation met in Sydney for their 2015 Australia-Pacific Aviation Summit. Speaker Nawal Taneja spoke about the need for an all-encompassing app for airline travellers. Mr Taneja acknowledged the numerous apps that are necessary for modern travellers to help them navigate everything from hotel reservations and meals to boarding passes and security and immigration lines.

Mr Taneja threw down the gauntlet when he said, “A technologist is going to develop a technology that sits on top and (consolidates everything a traveller needs into one app).”

Travellers are using an app to tell them how long it will take to get to the airport, the status of their flight, an app to tell them the weather when they arrive at their destination, one for their hotel reservations, one for finding a restaurant they like, one for entertainment and many other individual needs.

According to Mr Taneja, the travel industry is well aware of the problems travellers face and is actively seeking to provide a solution.

There are many obstacles hindering the development of such an app. One of the most difficult is that there is no sharing of customer information between airlines, taxis, car rental firms, restaurants and hotels. In most cases, sharing information is a violation of the customer’s privacy. However, an app could allow a customer to waive privacy and allow sharing of information for the purpose of travel.

Johnny Thorsen, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Concur, feels that a single profile is necessary, but that a Facebook profile might be enough for the creation of an app to serve their travel needs. According to Mr Thorsen, a Facebook profile could be the basis of a travel profile, since it already exists.

Facebook is already responsible for one out of every three minutes spent on the Internet Australians. Not only do people increasingly rely upon Facebook for many aspects of their lives, it already allows advertisers to contact users based on information in that profile.

The travel industry is already using Facebook to offer customised “deals” and prices to consumers. This process is called “personalisation.” The technology could allow for a 350 seat jet to have 350 different fares based on personalisation offers.

Are You Excited Yet?

On our SmarterApps blog, we try to inspire you to think outside the square and come up with ideas that can make you money while making a lot of people’s lives easier. While more people are making a decent living with apps than are “breaking the bank,” imagine the potential of an all-inclusive travel app that allows users to submit a profile to various travel industry providers.

It only takes one app of this scope to provide a great living for the rest of your life.

Can You Create an App Like This?

At SmarterApps, we do the work for you. All you really need is an idea. It doesn’t have to be the ultimate travel app; it can be anything you want. If you have an idea, we can help you with the entire process: start-up, funding, design, marketing, distribution and more.

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