Is Medium Really a Kind of YouTube for Text?

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Recently, Medium released their iPhone app that recommends stories for readers. The user signs in with his or her Twitter app and Medium provides the user with a list of stories to read. Medium recommends its most popular stories and stories from writers the user is following on Twitter. It also allows users to share stories email and on Facebook and Twitter.

Ev Williams, founder of Medium, follows a credo of being there to give a voice and a platform to the thousands of people who “come to Medium every week to write.” Medium has built a reputation of being a “YouTube for text” and has raised $25 million.

Users of Medium like it because it gives them a high-profile platform to share essays and serious writing without having to build a blog or an audience. Those who post a lot of writing can collate related content into a collection and make it available within the app.

Unfortunately, one of the flaws in this relatively new app is that it is difficult to actually choose what you are going to read if you are browsing. The app does not have search built into it, making it difficult to choose individual authors or stories unless the app recommends them for you. The other problem with this app is that you can’t actually write stories on your iPhone, but Williams says that feature will be added soon.

What You Can Learn from Medium

Medium is a classic case of choosing a niche and solving a problem. The niche is writing and the problem was finding an audience and a platform for those who like to write but don’t like to promote. Another thing you can learn from Medium: they raised $25 million in venture capital to build and promote their website and now an iPhone app.

In other words, Medium has not only used a classic method to find a marketable app, but they got around the one factor that keeps most people with a great idea from taking action: funding.

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