iPhone Set to Receive Camera Tech Upgrade from Sony

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At Smarter Apps, we spend a lot of time keeping current with what is going on in technology. Not only do we like to know what is going on in the perpetual race between Android and iOS for market share, or if Windows Phone can make a sizeable enough dent in the market to provide opportunity for app builders and developers, we like to know where technology is taking the world of mobile devices.

We are going to discuss specific ramifications later, but there is one very important takeaway we want you to get from this piece: available technology is what drives all demand for apps.

In other words, whenever a significant technological advance is achieved, it creates an immediate demand for apps to help enhance it and to fully utilise it.

We have often discussed what we feel is the most important consideration when creating an app: finding a problem that a lot of people have and solving it for them. There is a corollary to this statement/method: find something that a lot of people want or think they need and give it to them. This will always be true.

We would like to take a look at the Sony upgrade for Apple and what it could mean for those who are fast enough to take advantage of it.

The Sony Camera Upgrade for iPhone

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, a media outlet from Sony’s home country of Japan, Sony is currently in serious negotiations with Apple to double the current amount of camera sensors and other components that they currently supply for the computer and mobile device giant. The extra product is said to be for a “new iPhone” which is slated to become available “early next year.”

Sony is the main supplier for most of the complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS) for the rear cameras on current iPhone models. Most observers believe that Apple wants to use Sony sensors on the front camera, used to take “selfies.”

Currently, Apple is buying components for its front camera from US suppliers. The apparent reason for Apple’s new discussions with Sony are twofold: Sony has a reputation for producing and supplying the best HD sensors and iPhones are expected to be used for a much larger number of video calls soon.

Sony currently has the world’s largest share of the global market for CMOS, estimated at 360 billion yen or 396 billion AUD. That number constitutes 32.1% of all CMOS technology sold globally, according to a firm called Techno Systems Research (TSR). According to TSR, this percentage would be higher if the metric was high-performance sensors for smartphones.

Neither Sony nor Apple are known for divulging a lot of information, but it is estimated that Apple currently purchases 100 million units per year from Sony. The new orders would increase that number to 200 million units per year.

In apparent anticipation of the increased production, Sony recently purchased a plant from Renesas Electronics, a chip-maker from Japan. The investment in the facility is said to be in the neighbourhood of 35 million yen, or 38.5 billion AUD. The addition of the new facility will reportedly increase Sony’s production capacity 25%.

Sony also produces technology for Samsung Electronics, which has the largest global share of smartphones and Huawei Technologies, which is currently sitting at #3 in global share.

Sony is in the process of taking offers to sell its computer business, preferring to concentrate on mobile technology and retool its TV business. They also supply batteries for the iPad Air.

How iOS App Builders and Developers Can Benefit

If you are an iOS or Android app developer or if you are thinking about becoming one, remember that every technological advance or development represents an opportunity for you to create a successful product.

So, what do we know so far about next year’s “new iPhone?” We know that the camera used for “selfies” is going to be a great HD camera. We also know that Sony expects their iPhones to be used for video calling on a much more regular basis than ever before.

We will find more details as we go along, but it is never too early to start thinking about how this particular technology will affect the market and what kind of demand it will create.

Get the Questions Right

It is time to start asking questions. “What kind of app could help enhance a video call? What kind of app could enhance all of those “selfies?”

Sometimes, developing the next big app is as simple as getting the questions right.

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