Ideal Vibes Heartache App For Heart Patients & Nike Apps Paired With Shoes

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Ideavibes, located in Ottawa, Canada, has created an app called the “Heartache app.” The app is used for those with hypertension, heart failure, or heart disease. It uses the 2010 Health Canada Nutrient File and the patient inputs his or her sodium intake, fluid intake, mood, weight, and activity levels.

When the app finds an inappropriate reading, it warns the patient, who also gets a weekly report, and is encouraged to give the report to his or her health provider. The app is available on iTunes, and costs $1.99.

The app helps patients see a cause and effect relationship between their food consumption and their health, and can help health care providers track small but vital differences and make it easier for doctors to provide better care for patients. The app also provides easy access for the user, who can easily access information from anywhere.

A new app for Android 4.0 sets has been launched. It is called Nova Launcher, and it is designed to make the already-fast Google ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform even faster and more efficient. The app retains the base features of ICS, while allowing the user to customize the Android 4.0 and introduce new features.

Some of these features include transition animations, a scrolling dock, custom grid size, and resizable widgets. The user can also change the way Android looks. For example, the round default appearance of folders can be changed to square. Icons can be put on a grid, stacked, or fanned across the background of the folder. The app also has restore and backup features, and allows users to hide apps from the tray.

Nike has announced apps that will be paired with their shoes to provide training and performance information to athletes. Nike hasn’t released a lot of details yet, but the apps will be available for Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training programs. They will include shoes which transmit data and stats to mobile apps, giving the user crucial and accurate information to help track and improve performance.

For the Nike + Basketball program, the user will have to purchase Hyperdunk + shoes. The shoes have an accelerometer and four sensors inside of the shoe that can provide information such as the number of steps, distance, and jump height. The information will then be sent via Bluetooth to the Nike + App and the user’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

Users will be able to compare accumulated data, compare it to that of others, and will have the option of sharing the information via social media. Possibly the most anticipated feature for some is that they will be able to make a video of themselves on the court, superimpose stats over it via the app, and upload it to social networks.
The Nike + Training app also uses it’s own, high-tech shoes. Women will use the Lunar Hyperworkout + shoe and men will use the Lunar TR 1 +, and a library of workout videos will also be available. Rafael Nadal and Hope Solo are two athletes who are known to have finished shooting videos for this app. The shoes will tell users how closely the are approximating the workouts, and the workouts will have beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. The shoes track height, steps, and distance, but don’t provide any information on upper body workouts. For those who don’t want the shoes and only want the workouts, the app can be used without the shoes to watch the workouts. The apps and shoes have a projected release date of June 29, 2012, in the US, UK, Mainland China, Germany, and France.

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